Model BT-2 A great size for big band and commercial work, this model has a rich, full sound with great flexibility! Developed for our friend Ken Shirk of Portland, Oregon.

Model BT-1S With the same rim as our BT-1 and BT-1L, this model has a slightly shallower cup, which helps provide a slightly brighter sound and greater ease in the upper register.

Model BT-1 A true orchestral bass trombone mouthpiece, this model has a very comfortable, large rim, an extra large cup, and a monstrous sound! The upper register is surprisingly easy when the player stays open and relaxed! Also available as the BT-1L, with an extra large throat. This first model of Monette orchestral bass trombone mouthpiece was developed for John Englekist, principal bass trombone of the San Francisco Symphony.


Cup diameter



Model 4 G

26 mm

.276” / 7,01 mm

A versatile, large diameter mouthpiece especially useful when only one trombone is used for both the upper and very low register.

Model 2 G

26,75 mm

.276” / 7,01 mm

Deep, full, resonant tone. Big low register even through the pedal tones.

Model 1 1/2 G

27 mm

.276” / 7,01 mm

A large mouthpiece with powerful tone in the low register and great carrying power. For many years, the standard mouthpiece for the serious bass trombone player.

Model 1 1/4 G

27.50 mm

.276” / 7,01 mm

Cup diameter is smaller than No. 1G, but still very large and deep, with the sonority preferred by the modern American school.

Model 1 G

28 mm

.319” / 8,10 mm

Extra large and deep for extraordinary power and depth of tone. Among the largest and most powerful bass trombone mouthpieces produced today.


Model 57

For those who play both tenor and bass trombone, this mouthpiece is an excellent choice.

Model 58

The best bass trombone mouthpiece for the full-time bass trombonist, combining both a good lower and upper register as well as good intonation.

Model 59

This mouthpiece produces a full large tone, so essential in symphony orchestras and in bands where a large, powerful deep tone is essential.

Model 60

Larger than the #59, this mouthpiece is for those desiring an extremely large bass trombone mouthpiece.


Rim and diameter

C1: 28,5 mm

C2: 29,0 mm

C3: 29,5 mm


Bass 1

7,3 mm Bore

32 mm deep

Bass 2

7,5 mm Bore

36 mm deep




Modell C 1
Bore: 7,2 mm
Rim:28,1 mm - 28,8 mm

Modell C 2
Bore: 7,4 mm
Rim: 29,1 mm - 30,0 mm

Each model is also available with a 2 mm higher rim.


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