The two valves lie successively in a line and are independently to be used.


The second valve is attached within the valve bow of the first valve and can be used only in combination with this.

open wrap

The valve bows are openly built, without close turns. Thus there is fewer turbulences and air can flow through more unhindered.

Standard valve-section

If the valve is not pressed, air must flow nevertheless by the design-conditioned bootleneck at the valve.

Air is extremely rerouted and it must through  by two or even four bottlenecks The tone quality changes.

In order to adjust the disadvantages of the classical valves, different systems are invented, which have all the same sense: a open and free airflow, also when simultaneous use the two valves.

At the moment you can find these systems:

Advancement of the standard valve-section:
Lätzsch”, Kanstul” and “Greenhoe
New-designed valve-section:
S.E.Shires TruBore”, “Hagmann”, “Thayer”, “Advanced balance system